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All the information you need on how to refer, use the online system and access our online learning is available on this page. You can also track a referral’s progress. Our CPD programmed can be accessed in the Learning Zone.

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For over 24 years, we have helped patients find dentists all across the nation. In fact, millions of people nationwide have trusted our dentist directory to match them with the best dentists to fit their needs.

Our mission is to be the trusted online dentist directory to help you find the best dentist in your area. At, you’ll get so much more than the name and phone number of a local dentist. By accessing our online database (or calling our toll-free number), you’ll receive comprehensive and valuable background information on dentist offices including years in practice, education, current licenses, practice specialties (such as whitening), latest dental equipment and technology, what type of sedation is available, and whether or not that practice accepts emergency patients.

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Information for dentists and dental care professionals on the impact of COVID-19 and dental services and referrals

Very satisfied with how amazing this place was with my emergency. Fast, cautious, very clean best customer service it really means a lot to me because sometimes I have trouble deciding what to do but his assistant were very kind and took great care of me from the moment I walked in they explained all my options and my surgery for tooth extraction barely felt any pain at all! Definitely coming back! this is the dentist office I strongly recommend … 5/stars
Carli C.

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Don’t worry anymore. Teeth are very important

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